Fire and Desire

December 14, 2016

Savannah’s native, Anthony (better known as Loren) reached out to me for a birthday photo shoot. He was adamant to do a session where he would portray a fire and ice theme. Me, loving anything with a dope theme, was all over this! Our session went seamlessly! But it wasn’t until after that I learned the significance of this photo shoot for him. Loren had been dealing with people not accepting him for the person he is. He wanted to declare to the world, “take me as I am:” little fire and a little ice - some masculine and some feminine. And isn’t that what we all want? To be accepted by friends and family. I identified with this my whole life – always feeling misunderstood, but as I’m writing this blog, I’m reminded that the number 1 person’s opinion that matters to me is ME! Also, as long as the one who created me gets me, then I’m ok! If we focus on our relationship with Him we wont have to be bogged down with the judgment from him, her, or them. So I commend Loren for taking a stance. I don’t know what his beliefs are, but I pray he continues in his walk and seek God for peace, prosperity, and growth in His divine will.

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