He Was Our Brother

December 28, 2016

Every once in awhile you have to use art to send a message.... 

He Was Our Brother:

The Normalizing of Black Bodies We see it everywhere. Black men are being used as target practice by law enforcement. It isn’t uncommon for you to open your social media account and see yet another person of color murdered by police officers. These images leave us tortured with fear, anger and disgust. Our subconscious minds are stained with black bodies, lifeless and empty. We are forced to swallow the naked truth, that we (black people), are not valued nor protected by our justice system. We march the streets in protest, we organize community groups, and we fight. Then, next week, another hashtag is among us.

We then overload our minds with questions. Why are we being targeted? Why are they so threatened by us? Why are we watching the last breath of a black man while he’s drowning in his own blood? What do you do when those sworn to serve and protect, kill and hurt us? What do you do when your “brother” is murdered in cold blood and the video has went viral? What do you do when there is no justice? We are all related by human race. THE ONLY RACE. He was our brother. All of ours.

-Zachyra and Josh Pettigrew

#hewasourbrother #saytheirnames #blm #blacklivesmatter

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