The Adventures of Jalisio & Kaylo Part II

August 17, 2016

Kids these days get a bad rap. Disrespectful, entitled, violent. The list goes on. Despite what the media puts out, there are some pretty cool kids out there that still act like… KIDS! lol go figure! I’m blessed to be related to some of those cool kids (even though they can be brats at times lol). While visiting me before school started, I took my two nieces to a famous place in Atlanta. Krog Street Tunnel. This was my first time and I was reluctant because this place has been played out by so called photographers lol. Either way was were able to capture some cool, moody, and fun shots. I also gained some cool aunt points along the way! lol Also we took a road trip to Helen, GA. To see more please visit my website and if you would like to get a similar photo shoot, don’t hesitate to drop me a line! Finally, this the second shoot i’ve had with these two kiddos. If you want to see their other adventure, click here. Thanks

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