Top 5 Creative Killers

November 2, 2016

I would like to think I’m a pretty creative person. I’ve always been inspired by the arts and by artist. Also, as a believer, I have accepted the idea that just like the creator, I was made to create. So with all the many, mini worlds stored inside me to be established, built, and then managed, I have found that lately, it's been extremely difficult to operate in this area. Without knowing it, I was spiraling into a state of depression because my need to be inspired and to inspire wasn’t being nourished. I then came to the conclusion that I was searching for answers to a question I hadn’t asked: WHAT’S KILLING ME??? What’s got me on an emotional roller coaster of joy and pain, sunshine and rain? So as I’m writing this blog I’m exploring the things that are killing me creative…

1. Time (lack of enough)

When I was younger, I used to write poetry and choreography dances. I had SOOO much time on my side at that time. After school, what else was there to do? My mind could ponder and wonder. I could create, erase, and create again without any deadlines. I was creating for my enjoyment and then sharing with the world when I felt it was ready. I had time to explore Shawn and the mini worlds that made up me. Once I grew up and had an extensive schedule, I found that either I was too tired to create or didn’t see the point when I knew I would have to stop in an hour or so. With a limit on my time, I was stifled because I only could think of time and not think of the task at hand.

2. Rules & Structure

As a creative, you are making something out of nothing or you are looking at something already created in a different light. There’s no wrong or right. There is only what you make and how it will impact the world. When rules, parameters, or molds are forced on my structure-less mind, a huge clash occurs. Kind of like when water and oil come together. It just doesn’t mix…

3. Responsibilities (AKA Bills)

Lately, this has really been a killer. I’m a responsible person and I believe in being accountable for the things I commit to. So with that, I’ve been paralyzed every month if a bill is due and the money is not in the bank. Forget taking a picture, I need cash and I need it now! I instantly get into grind mode and do whatever it takes to handle my responsibilities. Once the bills are paid, I’m wore out and it takes time for me to switch my brain back to it's creative state. This also goes for taking care family/ friends, and staying healthy.

4. Lack of a Relationship (With my Creator, myself and then with others)

I find that when I’m alone I can slow down my thoughts and hear what’s in my heart. But when I spend too much time alone, I become manic, depressed, and insecure. I open myself to negative thoughts and doubts. So I have to stay balanced by growing my relationships with the one who gave me my gifts. He knows me best and leads me to peace, joy, and wisdom. I know what to do and how to do when I pray and meditate on Him and his Word. I then can tap into what Shawn needs and wants. Finally, I can better communicate to others. I can share what’s really in my heart and  listen to what’s in their hearts. This a key factor in my creative process: getting a solid foundation inside and then pulling from what’s around me. If I can’t do that then I feel creatively constipation.

5. F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real)

Everything above could come under the category of fear in some shape or form. Fear of limits, fear of rules, fear of failing, fear of judgment, etc… JUST FEAR! It can kill quickly or in a slow, agonizing death. Avoid fear at all cost, because it’s a 100% guarantee that whatever you are desiring to create will end up in the grave… unless you’re creating a grave lol. 

I know what you’re thinking, “Shawn ALL of the things on this list are inevitable. So what do I do?” Well, I thought about moving to a deserted island and living off the land, but that wouldn’t work because I was only a Girl Scout for a few years, so I probably wouldn’t survive lol. I think the first step is to identify which killer is affecting you the most. Then tackle that killer. Isolate it and then find a way to either create with it or get rid of it. Keep doing this for each killer until you can effortlessly do what you were born to do everyday of your life: Love, Live, and Create to change the world. And that in itself may take a lifetime...

If you have any other suggestions please leave them below. I’ll continue to search for wisdom, as well. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

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